A. Is There Something Which Is Extra Special To You?

B. Why Is It So Special?

1. Was it something given to you at an important time?

2. Is it an important family heirloom?

3. Does it hold memories so very dear?

Body: 1 Corinthians 6: 9 - 11

I. The Unrighteous.

A. Do not be deceived.

1. We are responsible for controlling our passions.
2. We are responsible for controlling our desires.
3. We are responsible for controlling our thoughts.
4. We are responsible for controlling our deeds.

B. No heavenly inheritance.

II. We Have Been Washed.

A. Once were dirty.

1. We were stained by the filth of sin.
2. We had wallowed in the mire of transgression.

B. Now have been cleaned.

1. We have been saved and made new (Titus 3: 15).
2. The filth and the stain have been removed.

III. We Have Been Sanctified.

A. Once were common.

1. Just like everyone else.
2. Thought, acted and lived like the majority.

B. Now are extraordinary.

1. We follow a different drummer.
2. We are now special (1 Peter 1: 9).

IV. We Have Been Justified.

A. Once were guilty.

1. None were different.
2. All were under the curse of death (Romans 3: 10 18; 6: 23).

B. Now are pardoned.


A. We Are Now Special!

1. God has made us this way.

2. God wants us this way.

B. How Do You Treat Special Things?

1. You love and cherish them.

2. You protect and take care of them.