A. How Do Other People Talk About You?

1. Are you spoken of in glowing and loving terms?

2. Are you one who others feel they "have to put up with you?"

3. Would people rather not talk about you?

B. How Should Others Talk About You?

Body: 3 John 1: 5 - 8

I. You Do Faithfully.

A. Not hit and miss.

1. Isnít just hospitable only when it is convenient.
2. Isnít just hospitable only when he feels like it.
3. Isnít just hospitable to certain people only.

B. An Example of Matthew 25: 31 - 46.

1. Faith is strong enough to do the "little things."
2. Faith is strong enough to keep him consistent.
3. Faith is strong enough to keep him pleasing Jesus.

II. A Good Testimony.

A. Love is known.

1. People notice what you do.
2. People remember the love you have shown.
3. People tell others about good people.

B. A manner worthy of God.

1. Treated as you would treat God.
2. Treated knowing Godís reputation is affected.

III. Fellow Workers.

A. Sheltering workers is aiding in their work.

B. We become workers with them.


A. How Would Others Describe Your Lifestyle?

1. In terms of what you have and what you own?

2. In terms of the way you act and talk?

3. In terms of your affect upon them and others?

B. Is It Hurting Or Helping The Kingdom?