A. Life Changing Words!

1. Means we have a common foe to battle.

2. Requires planning, preparation and training.

3. Requires sacrifice and hardship.

4. Brings realization that are freedom is at stake.

B. We Are In A Spiritual War.

Body: Ephesians 6: 10 - 18

I. Be Prepared.

A. We are to be strong.

1. In the Lord = not in self.
2. In the power of His might = not by our power.
3. We must be willing to stand firm.

B. We are to know who the enemy is.

1. The enemy is not our fellow man.
2. We fight Satan, demons, evil angels, darkened understanding, and wickedness.

C. We are to be properly protected.

1. Put on the armor God has given us.
2. Put on all of it, not just parts.

II. Be Equipped.

A. The Whole Armor.

1. Hold everything together with truth.
2. Protect your heart with righteousness.
3. Walk upon the good news of peace.
4. Shield yourself with faith.
5. Protect your head with thoughts of salvation.
6. Battle using God's word as your weapon.

B. The Right Attitude.

1. Pray
a. Understand the need to communicate with "The General."
b. Humbly understand who gives the victory.
2. Be On Guard!


A. Are You Helping Or Hindering The War Effort?

1. Are you battling against Satan in the name of Jesus?

2. Do you have the full armor on?

B. Are You On The Lord's Side?