Peace In The Midst Of Life


A. You Will HearÖDo Not Be Troubled (Matthew 24: 6, 7).

1. We hear of wars.

2. We see natural disasters, hunger, and difficulties.

B. How Can We Not Be Troubled?

Body: James 1: 1 - 8

I. Joyful Trials.

A. Difficult times are a part of life.

1. For those who are trying to do Godís will (1 Peter 1: 6 - 9).
2. For those whom God loves (Hebrews 12: 6 - 11).
3. For those who suffer persecution Matthew 5: 11, 12)

B. Tested, tried, and proven (Romans 5: 1 - 4).

C. Trials line the path to the goal (James 1: 12)

II. Wisdom From God.

A. We must seek and ask for Godís wisdom (James 3: 13 - 18).

1. Heavenly wisdom shown.
a. Good conduct done in mildness, humility.
b. Pure. peaceable, gentle, etc.
2. Worldly wisdom shown.
a. Bitter envy and self-seeking.
b. Confusion and every evil thing exists.

B. God is generous.

1. He gives it to everyone who asks.
2. He does not give it sparingly.
3. He does not deride or make fun of you.

III. Pray In Faith.

A. No doubt.

1. Diakrino = to withdraw from, hesitate, doubt, stagger, waver.
2. We must not give up (i.e. Persistent Widow Luke 18: 1 - 8).

B. Faithless.

1. Like a wave tossed by the wind.
2. They will not receive wisdom.


A. Who Are You Looking To For Understanding?

1. To scientists and doctors, historians and politicians?

2. To the One Who is truly in control - God Almighty?

B. Have You Given Everything Over To God?