A Reason To Be Thankful.

1. We live in a land which "flows with milk and honey" (and everything else as well).

2. We have been blessed with riches physically, mentally, and spiritually.

3. We have been given hope, grace, mercy, peace, joy, etc.

B. We Must Realize All Of This Is From Above!

Body: James 1: 16 - 20

I. Every Good And Perfect Gift Comes From Above (v. 17).

A. If it is good, it is from God.

B. If it is perfect or complete, it is from God.

C. He has given birth to us through His word (v. 18).

II. Perfect Wisdom Comes From Above (James 3: 15 - 18).

A. Earthly wisdom leads to envy and self-seeking.

B. Heavenly wisdom leads to peace, good works, and righteousness.

III. Perfect Judgment Comes From Above (Psalm 50: 3 - 6).

A. God knows what really happened.

B. God knows why it was done and with what intent.

C. God is and will be the Judge.

1. He will judge those who are evil.
2. He will judge us (whether we are evil or good).

IV. All Power Comes From Above (John 19: 11).

A. Even Satan must ask permission!

1. Job 1: 8 - 12; 2: 3 - 6.
2. Luke 22: 31, 32.

B. Why are evil people allowed to prosper?

1. To test our resolve to do good.
2. To punish our lack of faithfulness to His word.
3. To separate the wheat from the chaff.

V. Jesus Comes From Above (John 8: 23).

A. He was the BEST gift of all.

B. He was the MOST COMPLETE gift of all.


A. Have You Thanked God Lately?

B. Do You Thank Him Often?