Our Religion

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A. Pearls Of Wisdom From The Book Of James.

B. What Is The Attitude We Live Our Lives With?

Body: James 1: 19 - 27

I. Foundational Attitudes Of A Christian.

A. Now that we know…

1. Material things do not make or break us.
2. Temptation is the result of our own desires.
3. God is the giver of every good and maturing gift.

B. What are the two things which cause many fights?

1. I misunderstood what someone said.
2. I said something I shouldn't have said
3. Many relationships are split because of these two things.

C. The nature of our wrath.

1. Our wrath is typically selfishness (James 3: 18).
2. Our wrath is vengeful and hurtful.
3. Our wrath is based on imperfect knowledge.

II. Actions Speak Louder Than Words.

A. Prepared for good (Parable of Sower in Mark 4).

1. Lay aside those things which keep us apart from God.
2. Receive the Word being implanted to be saved.

B. We are to be doing, not just hearing (John 14: 23, 24).

1. Illustration of the mirror.
2. Study and continue to do.
3. Work will be blessed.

III. True Religion.

A. We must bridle our tongue (v 26).

1. We deceive our heart.
2. Our religion is useless (meaningless, vain).

B. We are to take care of the helpless (v. 27).

1. Visit - to see after take care of, etc.
2. "Go and sell…" (Mathew 19: 16 - 22).
3. Christ died for us while we were helpless (Romans 5: 8).

C. Keep unspotted from the world

1. Live according to the Spirit (Romans 8: 3 - 5).
2. Be holy as God is Holy (1 Peter 1: 13 - 16).


A. How Did Christ Act When He Was Reviled?

B. How Do We Act When Treated Like Christ Was?