Got An Attitude?

PowerPoint file for this sermon


A. Do You Have An Attitude?

B. What Kind Of Attitude Do You Have?

Body: James 1: 9 - 18

I. Our Attitude About Things.

A. Poor? Glory in your exaltation.

1. How do we define poor?
2. Many poor are rich in relationships and contentment.

B. Rich? Glory in your humiliation.

1. How do we define rich?
2. Many rich are poor in contentment and true friendship.

C. Things do not make us.

1. Things come and go. Nations come and go.
2. The roaring twenties were followed by the Great Depression.
3. If we want to have a lasting legacy… (1 John 2: 17).
4. How many rich people of the past have been forgotten?

II. Our Attitude About Temptation.

A. Temptation is a blessing.

1. For those who endure and persist (Matthew 19:28 - 20).
2. Temptation is our proving ground (1 Corinthians 9: 24 - 27).

B. Temptation does not come from God.

1. God is not tempted to sin.
2. God does not tempt anyone to sin (2 Peter 3: 9).

C. Temptation comes from our desires.

1. It's my fault.
2. I am not tempted by something I do not desire.
3. Temptation nurtured leads to sin.
4. Sin nourished leads to death.

III. Our Attitude About God.

A. Do not be deceived about God.

1. There are those who teach false Gospels.
2. There are many who do not truly understand God.

B. We are His children.

1. He brought us forth through the Word.
2. Do we really think He would mistreat us (Luke 11: 13).


A. What Attitude Do You Have?

B. Do You Have An Attitude…

1. Like God and His Son Jesus?

2. Like Satan and his followers?