Self-Inflicted Condemnation

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A. Have You Ever Corrected Someone Only To Find Yourself Doing The Same Thing?

B. Have You Found The You Struggle With Some Temptations More Than Others?

Body: James 2: 1 - 13

I. I. Partiality Defined.

A. Treating people differently based upon their appearance (verses 2 & 3).

B. Judging with evil thoughts (verse 4).

C. Dishonoring (despising) the poor (verse 6).

D. Not loving others as yourself (verse 8).

E. Sin and transgression (verse 9).

II. God's Way.

A. Poor are chosen by God.

B. Poor are granted richness in faith.

C. Poor are granted inheritance into kingdom.

III. Remember Who Is Judging.

A. We are to keep the whole law (verses 10 & 11).

B. Remember which law we are under (verse 12).

C. God's mercy is for the merciful (verse 13).


A. Cronyism, Favoritism, Prejudice, Partiality Is Soundly Condemned Here And Elsewhere In The Bible.

B. Are You Doing God's Will Or Your Own?