Saved By Faith

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A. There Are Some Who Want To Change The Gospel Message.

B. While Faith Is Vital, It Is Not The Only Requirement.

C. What Does James Say About It?

Body: James 2: 14 - 26

I. What Is Profitable?

A. Stated faith without works?

1. See brother or sister naked and hungry.
2. Encouragement and exhortation is not faith working.
3. Faith working provides clothing and food.

B. Dead faith?

1. Faith by itself (alone) is dead.
2. If you need help, would you rather have a dead person or alive person?

C. Faith with works?

1. Faith with works is alive.
2. Living faith produces seeable results.

II. Examples Of Living Faith.

A. Abraham (Genesis Chapter 22).

1. The offering of Isaac.
a. God told him to take Isaac and offer him.
b. Abraham was a man of faith.
c. His faith is shown through his obedience.
d. Justification resulted from his works.
2. Moving to Canaan.
a. God called Abraham to leave his people and home.
b. Abraham's faith is God was shown by his going to Canaan.

B. Rahab (Joshua Chapter 2 & 6: 22 - 23).

1. Believed God was truly God.
2. Her faith was shown by her receiving the spies, hiding them, and sending them safely away.
3. Her faith was also shown by her obedience during the capture of Jericho.

III. Dead Faith Illustrated.

A. The demons believe and tremble (verses 19).

B. The body without the spirit (verse 26).


A. Faith without works is dead and unprofitable for salvation.

B. Is your faith evident to those around you?