A. We Desire To Be Like Christ.

1. Do we look like Him?

2. Do we talk like Him?

3. Do we act like Him?

B. To Be Like Jesus, We Must:

1. Have a functioning heart.

2. Have a mind for the spiritual.

Body: John 4: 5 - 26

I. What They Were Did Not Matter.

A. Samaritans.

1. The ten tribes had been intermingled with other nations.
2. They were impure and defiled (as Jews!).
3. They were worthless and hated (by Jewish leaders and many Jews).

B. Immoral.

1. Married and divorced five times.
2. Currently, living with a man.

C. Lost and Dying Souls.

1. Like ships adrift in a spiritual sea.
2. Desire for better, but stuck in current.
3. Open and receptive to the truth.

II. He Was A Patient Teacher.

A. She was caught up in the "fleshly viewpoint."

B. She was slow to understand.

C. She had a short span of attention (spiritually).

D. She had questions that needed answers.

III. His Answers.

A. Jesus can provide rich, full, satisfied living.

B. Jesus shows the true nature of worship.

1. We must worship in the right way.
2. We must worship with the right understanding.
3. We must worship for the right reasons.


A. Are We Really Like Jesus?

1. Do we "sit at the well" and bring life to the weary?

2. Do we work for the Lord, even when we are wearied?

3. Do we patiently teach the truth?

4. Do we see the lost or do we see the sinner?

B. How Much Like Jesus Are We?