A. If You Were Dying Of A Horrible Disease…

1. Would you pray to God for help?

2. Would you do whatever it took to receive that help?

B. God Has Answered Our Praying For Salvation.

Body: Romans 1: 16, 17

I. The Gospel of Christ.

A. The power of God.

1. God is able to overcome any obstacle.
2. God is willing to do whatever He can.
3. God is patient (self-control!).

B. The salvation from God.

1. Our situation was hopeless.
2. God sent a savior.
3. Our only hope of salvation is by following God’s plan.

C. We must believe in God (Hebrews 11: 6).

1. That He exists.
2. That He rewards those who seek Him.

II. The Righteousness of God.

A. God is righteous.

1. He always does what is right.
2. He is holy.
3. He loves no matter what.

B. God gives us righteousness.

1. Our righteousness was diseased and dead.
2. God provided a donor.
3. Our hope of life comes from receiving His donation.


A. We Had The Terrible Disease Called Sin.

1. We were dying.

2. There was no hope of recovery.

3. We needed a transplant.

B. God Sent Jesus To Be Our Donor.