A. What's My Line?

1. I am sometimes an oversight which may be intentional or may not be intentional.

2. I am something which can be done or cannot be done.

3. I am often caused by rebellion, or pride, or done is secret.

4. I am always wrong!

B. I Am SIN!

Body:  Genesis 3: 1 - 13

I. The Progression Of Sin.

A. A seed of doubt is planted within.

B. It is cultivated by the thought of other possibilities.

C. It is watered by the belief that we "know better."

D. It is fertilized by our desire to "be like God."

E. It grows into rebellion against God.

F. It matures into death. (James 1: 13 - 15)

II. How Did Sin Begin?

A. God gave a command.

B. Satan plants doubt of why God gave the command.

1. He first exaggerates (Did God say you can't eat!?)
2. Next states fact which questions God's motives. (He is keeping something desirable from you).

C. Eve ponders the question of why.

1. She saw the tree was good for food (How can you SEE it is edible?).
2. She like what she saw.
3. She wanted to be like God.

D. Eve decided God's command was illogical.

1. God did not understand their need for knowledge.
2. God hindered them from from pleasure and fulfillment.
3. God's command unnecessarily restricted them.

E. Both Adam and Eve Erred.

1. The last person Eve talked to before deciding was not God.
2. Adam was with her and did not try to stop her (v. 6).
3. They both committed an act of open rebellion.
4. They did not repent and confess their sins.


A. Sin Is Sin Even If Called By Another Name!

B. Sin Is Rebellion Against God.

C. God Has Provided A Cure.