A. Have You Ever Been Asked To Do Something You Did Not Know You Could Do?

B. Have You Ever Been Asked To Do Something You Knew You Could Easily Do?

C. Did You Know The Difference Between The Two Situations Was Preparation?

Body: Isaiah 6: 1 - 8

I. God Reigns.

A. He sits on His throne.

B. He is high and lifted up.

C. His presence is magnificent.

D. He is holy, holy, holy.

E. His glory fills the earth.

II. We Are Unworthy.

A. We are unclean.

1. Sin has infected our speech.
2. Sin has spoiled our lives.
3. Sin has contaminated our hearts.

B. We live with unclean people.

C. We stand before the King.

III. We Are Made Worthy.

A. He has sent cleansing to us.

1. His Son brought salvation to us.
2. His Son has taken away our sins and iniquities.

B. We have been purified from uncleanness.

1. Jesus blood has washed our sins away.
2. Jesus blood continues to purify and cleanse us.


A. What Is Your Response?

1. Do you respond with eager willingness to do Godís will?

2. Or, do you want Godís will to mesh with your will?

3. Or, do you want to ďhave it your way?Ē

B. Have You Been Converted?

1. Do you believe in God?

2. Do you believe His way is the only way?

3. Are you living you life to please Him?