A. Matthew 18: 2 - Become like little children.

1. Desire to learn.

2. Grow up.

B. As Christians, we must desire to learn and grow.

Body: 1 Peter 1: 22 - 25

I. What It Means To Be A Christian [22, 23]?

A. We have purified our hearts.

1. Washed of evil.
2. Prepared to be with God.

B. We are to love one another.

1. Part of obeying the truth.
2. Must be sincere.
3. Must be fervent.

II. The Reality Of This Life [24, 25].

A. The greatest cause of death = life!

1. We must live in order to die.
2. We must die in order to develop.

B. We will not remain here forever.

C. God's Word will always remain.

1. The Word (Jesus) is, is with God and is God.
2. The truth (God's word) is timeless and will always be true.

III. How Are Christians To Act [2: 1 - 3]?

A. Get Rid Of Impurities (wash and cleanse).

B. Feast on God's Word (intact nutrition).

C. Remember how much God has blessed you.


A. What Is Important To You?

B. What Are You Feasting Upon?

C. What Are You Growing Into?