A. Who Do You Look Up To?

1. A parent?

2. A teacher or influential person from the past?

3. An authority figure?

B. Who Is The Most Important Authority?

Body: Matthew 28: 18 - 20

I. "When Jesus Speaks..."

A. All authority has been given to Him.

1. He is in charge in heaven.
2. He is in charge on earth.

B. He has earned the right to lead.

1. He completely and totally obeyed God.
2. He has fully sacrificed Himself.

II. He Says Go!

A. Remembering He has all authority.

B. Go Where? (Acts 1: 8)

1. Into your city.
2. Into your country.
3. Into your world.

C. Make Disciples.

1. Disciples make disciples (Matthew 28: 16).
2. Baptize them.
3. Teach them to obey Jesus.

III. You Are Not Alone.

A. He is with you!

1. Have you ever felt all alone?
2. You haven't been when you follow Jesus.
3. He is with you!!!

B. Always!

1. He has experienced aloneness (Matthew 27: 46).
2. He has promised to be there for you.
3. To the very end.


A. Who Is Most Important To You?

B. If Your Answer Is Jesus...Are You Obeying Him?

1. Are you going?

2. Are you making disciples?