A. Watched Four Games Yesterday.

1. Saw many different personalities and situations.

2. Saw difficulties and hard play.

3. Saw good and bad play.

B. Reminded Me Of How Being A Christian Is Like A Competition.

Body: 1 Corinthians 9: 24 - 27

I. Play By The Rules [2 Timothy 2: 5].

A. We have rules by which we must compete.

B. We are responsible for knowing the rules.

II. Play Fair [2 Timothy 2: 24 - 26].

A. The rules affect how we treat other competitors.

B. Unfair play is no excuse to play unfair.

III. Play With The Team [Romans 12: 3 - 5].

A. The church is our team.

B. Each one has a role to fill.

C. We must help, encourage, and pull our fair share,

IV. Play Hard [Hebrews 12: 1].

A. The competition is never easy.

B. There is much preparation which needs to be done.

C. Competing takes a lot of work.

V. Play To Win.

A. There is a prize at the end of the competition.

B. It is a prize worth having.

C. Only those judged worthy receive it.


A. Are You Competing?

1. Finding out what God would have you do and who God wants you to be?

2. Giving it your all to win the prize?

3. Trying to bring along others with you?

B. What Do You Have To Look Forward To?